Drinking bowl, Silver partly-gilt, Brig 1664, Anton Tuffitscher
During the first phase of the Corona crisis, the art and culture world seemed to be standing completely still. At least at first glance.
But behind closed doors, creative artists and museums have opened up new channels of communication and presentation.
The new digital offers from museums and artists have been very well received in the past few weeks and have once again shown how important and above all how systemically relevant art and culture are for our society.
We are all in an important transformation process that will continue for quite a while.
A lot will change for good.

The positive attitude of the art and cultural world of recognizing new opportunities in this crisis and seizing the associated opportunities to find new formats for communication and presentation is astonishing

Therefore, today we would like to present to you the second part of our creative contribution for friends of historical silver in everyday Corona.

As in the last newsletter, we have listed a selection of outstanding objects made of (gilded) silver, which you can access by clicking on them. This time we are moving to other European countries.

Now we wish you exciting reading and great discoveries!
We would of course be very happy if you also browse our website.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
 Drinking Vessel “Riding Husar”
Cup, Nuremberg 1593-1600, Friedrich Hillebrandt
Cup with a lid, so called “Dürer-Cup”, Nuremberg around 1500
Cup of Emperor Friedrich III, Burgundian-Dutch; 3rd quarter of the 15th century
 Drinking horn, Northern Germany, 2nd Half of the 15th century

Hofburg, Vienna
Silver Collection
Altfranzösischer Tafelaufsatz, 1838 
Mailänder Tafelaufsatz von Luigi Manfredini, 1838

Wawel Royal Castle, Crakow
Treasury and Armoury

Saltworks Museum Wieliczka, Crakow
Saltcellars Collection

Heremitage, St Petersburg
Silver Mirror, Transkuban, 7th century BC 
Silver Bowl on a Stem, 1st half 13th/14th century
Silver Cup, Goldene Horde, 11th century
Rhyton, Asia, 3rd/2nd century
Fountain, Melchior I Gelb, 1640-1645
Nautilus-Cup, Pezer Wiber, Nuremberg around 1604

Kremlmuseum Moskau

Drinking Vessel “Horse of Charles I Stuart, King of England, David Schwestermüller, Augsburg 1639-49 
Ewer “Lion”, Heinrich Mannlich, Augsburg 1674
Cup with a lid, Jeremias Ritter, Nuremberg ca. 1640

Louvre, Paris
Candle Stick, Pierre Jourdan Barry, Paris 1621-51
Drinking horn, Persia, End of the 6th century 
Vessel handle in the form of a winged ibex with its hooves resting on a mask of Silenus, Persia 4th c.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Turban Shell Cup. Jörg Ruel, Nürnberg 1600-1625
Nautilus, anonymous, around 1590
Beaker of St. Marie in Utrecht, Thijmen van Leeuwen, 1686

Victoria &Albert Museum, London
Buckelpokal, Cup and Cover, Augsburg 1480-1499
“The Mérode Cup”, France around 1400
“The Habsburg-Rosenberg Cup” Augsburg, ca 1665
Tankard, Hungary around 1600
Beaker, Grenter, Courakt, Strassburg 1560

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Monteith, George Garthorne, London 1684/85
Cake Basket, John White, London 1735
Salver, Paul de Lamerie, London 1725
Cup and cover in the form of a stag or elk, Augbsurg 1605/10

We are very happy to be able to stimulate you positively during this time. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to find out more about our objects.

Stay healthy and take care!
Best regards,
your Helga Matzke team

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