Charming small Augsburg silver-gilt toilet box

Object number: 365

City mark: Augsburg 1711-15 (see Seling No. 199)

Master’s mark: “GM” in an oval for Gottlieb Menzel (Seling, Die Kunst der Augsburger Goldschmiede, No. 2022)

Length: 6.5 cm, width: 4,6 cm  weight 72 gr.


Detailed Description

Charming, small silver-gilt toilet box with lid, originally most probably part of a larger toilet set.

In the second decade of the 18th century, a new type of boxes emerged in Augsburg, the basic shape of which is an elongated octagon. The present little box has a lively outline which continues  in the lid. The walls and lid are decorated with excellent engraved ornaments. First-class, masterly work by the leading silversmith in Augsburg, Gottlieb Menzel. In perfect condition, original gilding.

Master: Gotllieb Menzel is mentioned by Seling as one of the outstanding goldsmiths of his time. Born in 1676 in Breslau, master craftsman: 1709, his master craftsman righteousness ceded to his son Georg Philipp in 1746

He mainly made objects for the table for an aristocratic Clientele. His clients include August the Strong, Landgrave Ernst Ludwig of Hessen-Darmstadt, Queen Luise of Denmark and the Viennese court.

Prov. Attenbaum Collection, Vienna