Important Renaissance stacking beaker from Nuremberg, silver-gilt

Object number : 

Nuremberg around 1550 see GNM BZ 35

Master: Arnold Schmidt

See: Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg, Nuremberg Goldsmiths’ Art,  No. 802

City mark for Nuremberg on the body, master’s mark on the body and foot.

9 cm high Weight: 200 grams


The Rothschild family collection.

Arnold Schmidt, master’s examination in 1543, jury member 1552-56

For an identical comparison object with the same engraving concept by Arnold Schmidt, see: Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg, Nuremberg Goldsmiths’ Art Figure 574

This beaker is in the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt/Main


Detailed Description

Detailed information

Important Renaissance stacking beaker  from Nuremberg by Arnold Schmidt.

The cylindrical cup has an appropriate height. Its body is placed over a round, slightly arched and cast base. The wide lip edge is profiled at the cup opening and is finished with a ring in the middle of the body.

Each on a sweeping round base with an engraved leaf band, the cylindrical body with a molded rib and engraved strap work framing three medallions, two with an engraved soldier’s profile and the other with a coat of arms between the initials AM,   Later control marks.