Silver-Gilt Augsburg Bowl

Object Number: #123

Augsburg, c. 1655-1660

Maker: Gregor Leider

City’s hallmark: a pyr for Augsburg 1655-1660 (Seling 1980, p. 21, no. 93)

Maker’s mark: „GL“ interwoven into each other in an oval shield for Gregor Leider (Seling 2007, p. 243f, no. 1399)

Diameter: 7,7 cm (3,3 in.); height: 3,2 cm (1,25 in.); weight: 61 gr.


Detailed Description

Detailed information

Silver-Gilt German Bowl

This bowl is silver-gilt. On the exterior, a beautiful snakeskin pattern adorns the middle part. The snakeskin decor is accentuated through two engraved rings on the upper and lower side of the body. The two cast handles are horizontally attached on the body just below the rim. At the level of the handles a double ring decorates the upper outside of the small bowl. The bowl is left plain inside.


The city of Augsburg was during the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries one of the most important cities in Germany for gold- and silversmith’s works. The royal courts of Europe, as well as churches, synagogues, cities, wealthy citizens and guilds, were customers of the gold- and silversmiths of Augsburg. They received orders of all sizes and types and delivered works in a high quality, so that the works made in Augsburg were valued throughout Europe. Today, silver and gold objects from Augsburg enjoy a prominent position within public and private collections all over the world.


Gregor Leider was born around 1590 in Klagefurt. In 1624, he applied to become a master and he married in 1625. He was several times warden and member of the great council. In 1673, Gregor Leider died. Some of his works are today in private and church collections.


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