We were recently informed that as a result of the fragile and unpredictable corona situation TEFAF 21, scheduled for September this year, will unfortunately not take place. 

The next TEFAF exhibition is scheduled for March 2022, for which we have immensely high hopes. 

Naturally the direct personal customer contact, on which we pride ourselves, was severely handicapped these last 18 months. Nonetheless, the publics whole-hearted involvement in a diverse array of e-medias was staggering. We are satisfied with the results this has had for our business, given the circumstance, and are thoroughly optimistic for the future. 

Following this we would like to invite you to visit our newly designed webpage. With a simple click it is now possible to arrange a personal video viewing/ appointment with us. Within which we would be more than happy to present and explain pieces, or a group of pieces, from out collection that are of interest to you. We understand that purchasing art is based on trust, the video conversation is a first-class opportunity to get to know, each other, our business and the pieces personally. 

Our offering of a video presentation enables the customer to obtain a well-rounded impression of a piece, especially from the eye of an experienced collector. Were you to be interested, we would be happy to present the object(s) of interest to you during a visit, or send it for a viewing. 

With this in mind, let’s all strive together to expand our love and passion for art in these difficult times. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Fred Matzke, Chantal Smith, Pascal Matzke. 

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