TEFAF Maastricht 2018: Helga Matzke Antique Silver Highlights

The preparations for the TEFAF Maastricht (March 10-18, 2018) are in full swing and we will bring this year again our top-objects. Herewith, we would like to present you a selection of our highlights, which you will find at booth number 165.

Here underneath, you can gain an impression of our TEFAF-booth in 2017.

Tefaf Fair Stand

The first of our 2018 highlights is a pair of exceptional reliefs from Ulm presenting biblical iconography. On the first one is depicted The Judgment of King Solomon and on the second, the Visit of the Queen of Sheba. The reliefs are crafted out of one silver sheet and are embossed and punched. The height of the reliefs is moderate; however, the master silversmith renders successfully both the perception of depth and the plasticity of the surface. King Solomon is to be seen as a symbol of wisdom and justice. Very often, his figure is connected to patricians, individuals of the public life and judges. The reliefs have a very dramatic character. The figures are represented in a lively manner; the rooms of the scenes are depicted in rich details; the composition is well thought through. All this can be most certainly explained by the pictorial inspirations’ sources of the maker Hans Georg Bauhoff. For the Judgment of King Solomon, this is a painting with the same theme made by Peter Paul Rubens (today at the Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen). And for the Visit of the Queen of Sheba a painting with the same theme made by the painter Erasmus Quellinus, a pupil of Peter Paul Rubens (today at the Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna).