Collectors’ Pieces

Under “Collectors’ pieces” you are able to find particularly rare, antique silver collectibles; an exceptional range of drinking cups, other antique silver vessels, unique salt cellars, collectible spoons and further silver objects dating back to the Renaissance. Many of the objects in this section were, in the past, part of notable collections and cabinets of curiosities (Kunstkammer/Wunderkammer).


Jawor Tankard silver gilt 16th century
Antique silver tankard with inset coins, 17th century, Berlin

Beaker and Cups

Antique silver coin beaker, German 18th century
Standing cup silver gilt,17th century

Large Vessels

Gläserkühler Silber, Klassizismus

Boxes and Bowls

Drinking bowl, Silver partly-gilt, Brig 1664, Anton Tuffitscher
tcharka, silver gilt
Soap box silver gilt

Silver Spoons

Silver christening spoon
Renaissance spoon, silver
silver spoon Konigsberg, 18th c.

Silver Spiceboxes

Silver partly-gilt salt cellars, Quedlinburg
Silver spice box, two compartments

More Objects

antique Silver salt cellar, baroque
silver Lamentation, Pieta, German