A pair of Hannover Baroque silver candlesticks

Object number : 

Hanover-Neustadt with year letter C around 1733-1735

Masters: Johann, Bernhart Renner

Height 20.7 cm, Weight: 836 g


Detailed Description

Pair of Hanoverian baroque candlesticks

Silver. Square base with indented corners. the angular baluster shaft with a vase-shaped spout.

Scheffler mentions a pair of candlesticks of the same height with this maker’s mark in a private collection in Stockholm (1452 b). Brenner’s father Johann Georg may also be the master (cf. a pair of candlesticks in the English form with the year letter C and its master’s mark IGR (in Scheffler 1432 c).


There is evidence of silversmiths in Hanover since 1310. With the introduction of freedom of trade, which was customary in Prussia, in 1868, the goldsmith’s office in Hanover was dissolved.
From the second half of the 17th century, courtly ceremonies and silver and goldsmith production were based on French models.


Johann Bernhart Renner, son of Johann Georg Renner, married the Goslar burgher’s daughter Christine Magdalene Reinecke on June 12, 1731 as a bourgeois and art-experienced goldsmith in Hanover-Neustadt.