Antique Silver George II Sugar-Caster

Objektnummer: #366

London, 1733

Maker: Thomas Farren

Hallmark: Leopard’s head crowned for London

Maker’s mark: Monogram “TF” and above it a flower in a threefold shieldfor Thomas Farren

Date letter: “S”for 1733 (Jackson: p. 8)

Engraving: contemporary armorial

Height: 18 cm (7,1 in.); weight: ca. 264 gr. (9.3 oz.)


Detailed Information

Antique Silver George II Sugar-Caster

The present caster is a very fine preserved silver object, typical for the first half of the eighteenth century. The caster has a round pear-shape and is raised on a profiled foot. The engraved armorial –probably belonging to the ordering customer – adorns the one side of the wall. The pull-off cover is pierced, presenting a rich foliations décor, stylised crosses and has a cast knop finial. The object is marked on the foot (bottom) and the cover.


Thomas Farren was active between 1707 and 1742 and subordinate goldsmith to the King during 1723-1742. Son of John Farren of Tewkesbury (Gloucester), he apprenticed to John Denny from 1695 until 1707. There are three registered marks for him. He was presumably dead by 19 October 1743, the date of the entry of his widow’s mark, Ann Farren.


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