A Charles II. Silver Beaker

Object Number: #235

London, 1665

Master HB

Maker’s hallmark: HB, conjoint in a shield, see Jackson 1976, p. 126.

Height: 9,5 cm (3,74 in.); weight: 170 gr.


Detailed Information

Charles II Silver Beaker

The slightly conical beaker has a wide rim with an engraved frieze with a vegetal decor, which partially also adorns the exterior side of the object. The lower part of the beaker is decorated with rings.

English Silver

The beaker is a typical example of English silver from the period of Charles II’s reign (1660-1685). The decoration and elaboration of silver objects in this period were rather simple. Political unrest and upheavals led to the fact that silver objects were melted down relatively quickly during the seventeenth century due to their intrinsic value.


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