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Marks: Augsburg for 1767 – 1769,

MZ Emanuel Gottfried Meisgeyer, see Seling No. 2330, 2497),

Tremolier engraving.

H 12.5; W 22.5; D 11.5 cm, weight 428 g.

Emanuel Gottfried Meisgeyer, born 1738, master: 1764


Detailed Description

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Masterfully designed small Rococo tureen, originally most probably made for a travel suitcase. Silver-gilt

Oval cambered body on a retracted base with opposing leaf shells as handles. The wall with curved features between embossed and finely chased flower tendrils. The domed lid with fine flower tendrils and fruit. Finished with a sculptural knob made of cast fruit and pods.

The tureens are undoubtedly among the most magnificent works of Augsburg goldsmithing of the 18th century. The Rococo tureens are particularly noteworthy.

Works by Meisgeyer can be found in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Munich Residence and the Maximilian Museum in Augsburg