Fine Augsburg  travel-set, “Mundzeug” silver-gilt in a leather case

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Augsburg around 1730

Oval bowl: Maker: Philipp Stenglin, see Seling No. 1880

Reversible egg cup: Master: Johann Engelbrecht, see Seling No. 1974

Table knife with steel blade, table fork with four prongs,  tablespoon, and marrow spoon:

Maker: Abraham Warnberger see Seling No. 1961

Leather-Case: 13cm x 26.7cm


Detailed Description

Detailed information

In addition to the large travel services with extensive equipment, the Augsburg  travel-set “Mundzeug” are of particular importance in the 18th century.

Following the trend in France in the 17th century, Augsburg became the center for travel and toilet services in the 18th century

The best Augsburg goldsmiths of their time worked on these services, which were usually created through the collaboration of several masters

The present travel-set  consists of four pieces of cutlery (knife, fork, spoon and marrow spoon), a drinking bowl and egg cups embedded in a precisely fitting, period-appropriate leather case

Drinking bowl: Master Philipp Stenglin, born. 1667, master 1693, died 1744

Four-piece cutlery: Master Abraham III Warnberger, born 1670, Master: 1702, died 1753

Egg cup: Master: Johann Engelbrecht, born 1673, Master: 1704, died 1748


The fine gilding is well preserved on all parts.

The four-sided drinking bowl is decorated on the outside with fine bandwork, which is repeated on the egg cup and the handles of the cutlery