Fine Augsburg tumbler-cup with elegant engraving

Object number 

City hallmarks: Augsburg  um 1681 see Seling No. 147

Maker’s mark: Johann Amende see Seling No. 1774

Height 5.4 cm, weight: 74 gr.

Prov: Barons von Stolzenberg


Detailed Description

Augsburg tumbler-cup

Silver, gilt.  Conical beaker with a profiled lip rim on a slightly arched base. The wall is adorned with three finely engraved architectural reserves between fruit bunches and acanthus.

The engraved coat of arms belong to the barons v. Stoltzenberg.


The tumbler-cup or stand-up cup was developed in the 17th century because the vessel will straighten up by itself if you tilt it on its side and then let it go

Maker: Johann Amende, born 1647, died 1719

Master around 1681