Fine Early German Silver-Gilt Jug with Lid

Object Number: #368

Marks: “L” in a round for Leipzig (Rosenberg no. 2992)
Maker: Initials for Andreas Kauxdorf the Elder (Rosenberg no.  3038)

Date Letter: “X” for 1626/36 (Rosenberg no. 3009)

Height: 26.5 cm (10,4 in.); weight: c. 730 gr.


Detailed Information

Fine Early German Silver-Gilt Jug with Lid

The profiled basis of the jug is wavy in an elegant way. The corpus is bulbous and decorated with typical decorative motives of the German auricular style, interchanged with masks/grotesques. The lid is formed in a similar way like the basis of the jug, being thus wavy and slightly vaulted. The finial of the lid is a cast putto holding a shield for the possible engraving of a coat of arms. The cast, side handle has a very artfully shape of an ear and the thumb-rest takes the typical for this period V-form.

Maker: Andreas Kauxdorf The Elder became a master maker in 1618 died in 1669. There several works from him mentioned in private and public collections in Europe and Russia.