Silver-Gilt German Toilet-Box „Casket”

Object Number: #362

Marks: Augsburg 1729-1733
Maker: Gottlieb Menzel
Dr. Seling, Augsburger Goldschmiede, Munich 1980., no 196 and 2022 (0), ill. p. 3843

24,3 cm, 9,5 cm wide, Weight 1.178 gr

German Domestic Silver of the 18th Century, Victoria & Albert Museum, London 1965, Illus. No 15.

Weltkunst, Deutsches Silber in einer Londoner Privatsammlung, 15. Dezember 1985, p. 3843


Detailed Information

Silver-Gilt German Toilet-Box „Casket”

The pair to this silver-gilt toilet casket with facing female medaillion on the cover and the same inventory stamp VIII, is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, purchased in 1913 under the bequest of Captain H.B. Murray from J.H. Henry Esq (s. Museum’s number: M.133:1, 2-1913; Victoria & Albert room 69, case 13).

Oval, applied with profile medallions (male on the cover) enclosed by engraved Régence ornament, hinged cover, stamped inventory No. VIII, lock, key.