Fine German Silver Partly Gilt Spoons, Forming a Pair

Object Number: #301

Konigsberg 1727
Robert tapke

City’s hallmark: a crown above a cross for Konigsberg (introduced since 1684) (Scheffler nr. 59)
Date letter: “P” for 1727 (Scheffler nr. 101)
Maker’s mark: monogram “RT” in a heart-shaped shield for Robert Ta(h)pke (Scheffler nr. 213; Czihak nr. 213)

Length: 21 cm (8,27 in.); weight: 79,4 gr.


Detailed Information

Fine German (Konigsberg) Silver Partly Gilt Spoons, Forming a Pair

The stem is flat and tapering towards the ending, while the broader side has flowers engraved. The cast finials on both spoons have the shape of cherub masks. The bowl is quite deep and gilt on the inside. Underneath it has very nice, rich, baroque flowers engraved. The initials “T:Z” are on the stem engraved. These must be understood as an indication of a gift, possibly for a christening or another Christian occasion.


Robert Ta(h)pke became a maker in Konigsberg in 1706 and got married in the same year. He was also active in Copenhagen. In Konigsberg, he has also worked as jeweller. Many of the churchly and profane works of Tapke are kept in private collections and public museums.


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