Important, richly engraved large Augsburg beaker

Object number : 442

Augsburg: 1690, see Seling No. 144
Maker: Tobias Baur, see Seling Nr 1809

Height: 12.5 cm, Weight 188.5 g


Detailed Description

An important large Augsburg beaker, silver, partially gilded, gilded on the inside

Slightly tapered walls, extremely richly chased and engraved with fruit between acanthus tendrils on a linear background, with two large oval reserves, one with a harbor scene with sailing boats, the rear boats with figures. The mountainous background with fortifications from which spiral cannon smoke emanates, two towers, a hinge hangs from one tower.

The opposite side with two hikers next to ruins and a mountain landscape,

Both reserves within an acanthus border,

Master Tobias Baur, Protestant, born around 1660, master: 1685, died 1735