Object number : 274

Southern Germany/Nuremberg area 1550 – 1560

Height: 8.5 cm, weight: 185 g.


Detailed Description

Detailed information

An important late Renaissance beaker  in excellent condition.

Nuremberg area around 1550 – 1560

The upper silver-gilt lip edge shows slightly outwards. On the 3 cm wide central band, engravings deal with the preparation and course of the meal after the hunt. This strip is closed at the bottom by a four-tier band.


First Scene:

A servant with a candle in his right hand welcomes a leprechaun playing the flute, followed by a noble couple.

Second scene:

Another servant tends the working fire, staff in both hands, amidst suggested domestic animals. Two fish are depicted in a cloud of steam and smoke.

third scene

The cook takes care of the open fireplace

Fourth Scene

The whole ends with a view of the kitchen with a shelf for the dishes and a maid preparing the table.


The cast and perforated connection between body and base is finished with a stepped edge at the top and bottom.

A seated bear and a leaping stag are depicted amid tendrils and acanthus leaves.


The cast silver, gilded and arched foot is finished on the outside by a multi-tiered rim.

Hunting scenes are depicted on the top.