Magnificent lidded beaker/monthly cup with masterful engravings based on the copper engravings by Hans Sebald Beham from the years 1546/1547

Object number : 

Augsburg 1708-10, see Seling No. 166

Master: Johann, Caspar Wagner, see Seling No. 1750

Height with lid: 12 cm, weight: 230 gr.

Johann Wagner, born 1646, died 1724

Master from 1677

The marks are located under the base and on the edge of the lid


Detailed Description

Detailed information

The silver, partly gilt cup is of exceptionally high quality.

The bottom of the beaker has a tongue ornament on the outside. Above this rises the conical body, which has a triple profile at the top edge and is slightly angled towards the outside.

The lid begins above the insert edge with a tongue ornament that is repeated three more times in the knob.

The lid is profiled several times at the top.

The magnificent engravings refer to the months of July, August, September and October. So originally there were at least 3 cups.


Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550): Hay month July and August as well as autumn month September and wine month October from the series: The Farmers’ Festival or the Twelve Months, copper engraving, 1546, Dresden Kupferstich-Kabinett Inv. No. A 1922-50

The leaf series refers to the 12 months of the year. There are always two months per sheet and 2 extra scenes shown.

Dr. Seling mentions in volume 1, page 106 the outstanding, fine engravings by Johann Wagner.


The monthly cups are fascinating works of art from the Baroque period that were popular in German-speaking countries.

Monthly cups were used in wealthy households as status symbols and for decoration.

These cups were an expression of art, time consciousness and prosperity.