Set of Ten Silver German Dinner Plates and One Serving Platter

Object Number: #401

Augsburg, around 1801
Gustav Friedrich Gerich

City’s Hallmark: a “pyr” with date letter „M“ for Augsburg 1801 and a “pyr” with date letter „N“ for Augsburg 1802 (s. Seling 2007, Nr. 2790, 2800) – not on foto!

Maker’s Mark: „GFG“ in transversal oval for Gustav Friedrich Gerich, (s. Seling 2007 Nr. 2524)

10 Plates: Dm.: 26 cm; weight: each ca. 650 g.

1 Serving Platter: Dm.: 29 cm; weight: ca. 850 g.


Detailed Information

Set of Ten Silver German Dinner Plates and One Serving Platter

The present set of ten silver dinner-plates and a serving platter was made in Augsburg at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The curving plates with reeded borders as well as the only slightly larger serving platter have a broad rose-shape. The well is slightly recessed and without any decor. The city’s hallmark and the maker’s mark are on the base of them. An engraved “G” under an earl’s crown is also found on the base.

Master maker

Gustav Friedrich Gerich was born around 1726 in Barfusdorf in Pomerania. 1769 he became master and married for the first time. In 1776 and 1795 he married again. After Gerich died in 1808, his widow Elisabetha Jakobina Mayr continued to run the workshop. Many of his works are now found in various museums and private collections. Gerich became famous with his excellent works of tableware.

Provenance: German private collection


Helmut Seling: Die Augsburger Gold- und Silberschmiede 1529 – 1868. Meister Marken Werke. München 2007