Silver christening spoon

Object number # 347

Marks: “N” in the shield for Nuremberg 1650-1700 (Lit.s. Marc
Rosenberg No. 3766).

MASTER: Six-petalled flower in a circle for Wolfgang Rössler
(Lit.s Germanisches Nationalmuseum “Nürnberger
Goldsmith’s art) No. 739.

Length: 19 cm, weight approx .: 50 g.


Detailed Description

The spoon has a deep, wide-oval bowl, the stem itself is flat and decorated on both sides with flowers and vine leaves, ends
on the stem end with a grape, on the back with an
baptising motive. Two small, with leaf-shaped “feet” serve to set up the spoon.

B I O G R A P H I E: Wolfgang Rössler b. 08/12/1655. 1667-1675
Apprenticeship with H. Peller, master: 7.2.1682, goldsmith’s oath and payment of the master money 22.9.1683. Juror 1699-1703, 1696-1711
called to the Greater Council in Nörldlingen / Bavarian Swabia.
Rössler was not only active as a goldsmith, but also as a
painter. Several faience jugs decorated by him have appeared in the GNM, Nuremberg.
Wolfgang Rössler died around 1717 in Nördlingen.