A Monumental Silver Soup Tureen on Stand with Covered Liner

Object Number: #612

City’s hallmark: Augsburg 1801
Maker: Gustav Friedrich Gerich
see: Dr. Seling Nr. 2524, 285

Height: 55,5 cm; weight: 7.492gr


Detailed Information

Monumental, Neoclassical Silver Soup Tureen on Stand with Liner

The oval-round pedestal stands on four feet and has fluting surface. From the middle of the base rises the tureen like a kantharos/cantharus (ancient Greek type of vessel). The handles are like cast acanthus leafs. The decor of the terrine is repeated on the lid and closes with a rosette of leaves and a fluted knob. The removable insert is left smooth, gilt inside and provided with small handles. Engraved inventory number: “no. 1”.

Master Maker

Gustav Friedrich Gerich was born around 1726 in Barfusdorf/Pomerania. In 1769, he became a master craftsman and married in the same year for the first time, then again in 1776 and 1795. Gerich died in 1808. His widow Elisabetha Jakobina Mayr led the workshop after his death. Gerich had specialized in high quality silverware and many of his objects are now in the great museums of the world.