Spoon, Silver-gilt

Objektnummer #348

Marks: Pyr for Augsburg 1670/74 (Lit.s Dr. H. Seling No. 111/4)
MASTER: “HB” ligated for Balthasar Haydt (Lit.s Dr. H. Seling
No. 1534)

Length: 16.3 cm, weight: about 45gr.


Detailed Information

Deep, oval – round shovel. Spiral stalk, after
spreading above. Engraved on the underside of the shovel, Monogram with year: 1 7 3 9.

B I O G R A P H I E: Balthasar Haydt was born in Seefeld, Kath. Haydt was a goldsmith and coinwarden, he became master silversmith in 1645 and married in the same year. Master of the silversmith council from 1651-1654.

The spoon. From antiquity to the end of the Middle Ages, spoons were carefully executed in precious metal, but usually carved from wood. There are also splendid examples out of rock crystal or semi-precious stone.
Unlike the fork, which remained a luxury for a long time, the spoon has always been one pronounced commodity that you like for hygienic reasons.