Two Silver Gilt Fine German Baroque Beaker

Object Number: #236

Hamburg: “A” for 1673-1688 and “D” für 1688-1698
Maker: Leonhard Rothaer I

City’s hallmark: Coat of arms of Hamburg (Scheffler 1965, Nr. 21)
Maker’s mark: “LR” above a fleur-de-lys in a curved shield for Leonhard Rothaer I (Scheffler 1965, Nr. 214)

Dimensions: Height: 9, weight: 267 gr. together


Detailed Information

Two Silver-Gilt Fine Engraved German Baroque Beakers

The present beakers are a fine example for baroque in North Germany, made from an important maker. The slightly tapering, cylindrical body has a profiled rim and is elegantly engraved with fruit clusters, ribbon-tied fruits and pomegranate garlands. Under the rim, an engraved floral bordure on gilt background. The beaker have a gilt bordure at the lower rim of the body. The interior is gilt. Marked on base.

The beaker “A” 1673-1688 carries under the base later cyrillic lettering. See detail photo.

Two similar silver gilt beakers of Leonhard Rothaer I are shown at Schliemann, Volume III No. 337 and 338.


Leonhardt (Lenert) Rothaer I, born as son of Zacheus, realized his apprenticeship by Christian Munde and Hans Lambrecht between 1655-1660. In 1671, he became citizen as a goldsmith and a master maker. On the 15.11.1688, he became a warden and his mark was a “D”. Leonhardt Rothaer died in 1698. Leonhardt Rothaer I taught many apprentices – among them, his son Leonhard II. Many works of Leonhardt Rothaers I are in international museums and collections.


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