Still Life and Silver in Dialogue

Still Life and Silver in Dialogue

Still life, the art of representing inanimate objects and artefacts, inspire us time and again, to initiate a dialogue between our historical silver, painting and the old masters. Thereby, let us all be immersed in the world of the baroque painting and silver!

Heda, Still life with gilded beer tankard, Rijksmuseum

Silver, Gilt Late Renaissance German Tankard with Teardrops Decor, Braunschweig 1590, Maker Hans Pawell II


Silver-Gilt Standing Cup with Snake-Pattern, Augsburg ca. 1620, Maker Theodor Riederer

Roemer with Six-Lobed Cuppa, Silver, Partly-Gilt, Augsburg 1616, Maker Daniel Frey

Sebastien Stoskopff, Grande Vanité, 1641, Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame Strasbourg

Flegel, Large diner table

Antique Silver Swiss Herm-Like Figure Spoon, Zurich c. 1630, Maker Hans Heinrich Holzhalb I