„The Time has finally come…Helga Matzke presents

 The due to Corona delayed opening of our exhibition at the Unesco cultural heritage Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka

was finally opened on Saturday, September 11th, 2022.

The Exhibition hall is curated to such an extent that each piece stands alone in its own magnificence.

Centrally positioned is a table, designed specifically with the intention of being placed within this exhibit.

Our collection brings a highlight to the drinking culture prevailing within the ruling families of the day.

Director Godlowski welcomes the guests

  Mr. Matzke introduces the exhibition


Chantal Smith talking  with Director Florjanowicz, Ministry of Culture, Warsaw


Mr Matzke in conversation with  Radio Poland 1


These ladies made it happen



It is at this point we would like to present our new video, a short overview and insight into the opening of the exhibitions opening weekend