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How fantasy figures and hybrid creatures conquered arts and crafts
An elaborately decorated Renaissance tankard not only enriches the table of its owner, it also increases the drinking pleasure –
especially if its elaborate design fires the imagination and the drinker enjoys its aesthetic appearance

Wenn man dann auf den Text oder das Bild klickt soll sich der gesamte Langtext mit den Bildern aufmachen. Es wäre schön wenn Sie in der Mitte des Bildes einen Kreis mit gebogenem Pfeil nach unter einfügen, der anzeigen soll, das mit anklicken es weiter geht.

Ich wäre Ihnen sehr verbunden wenn Sie das bis Morgen, Mittwoch Abend erledigen könnten.
Danke im voraus

The due to Corona delayed opening of our exhibition at the Unesco cultural heritage Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka
was finally officially opened on Saturday, September 11th, 2022.

Naturally the direct personal customer contact, on which we pride ourselves, was severely handicapped these last 18 months. Nonetheless, the publics whole-hearted involvement in a diverse array of e-medias was staggering. We are satisfied with the results this has had for our business, given the circumstance, and are thoroughly optimistic for the future.

Following this we would like to invite you to visit our newly designed webpage. With a simple click it is now possible to arrange a personal video viewing/ appointment with us. Within which we would be more than happy to present and explain pieces, or a group of pieces, from our collection that are of interest to you. We understand that purchasing art is based on trust, the video conversation is a first-class opportunity to get to know, each other, our business and the pieces personally.

Our offering of a video presentation enables the customer to obtain a well-rounded impression of a piece, especially from the eye of an experienced collector. Were you to be interested, we would be happy to present the object(s) of interest to you during a visit, or send it for approval.

We are pleased to present our first newsletter in 2021. We would like to thank the Wawel Museumdirector  Prof. Dr.Andrzej Betlej and especially Mr Darius Nowacki, curator for applied arts at the Wawel Castle Museum in Krakow, who in the following essay deals with some of the outstanding objects of the Augsburg silversmiths in the […]

The digital transformation process is in full swing. We also want to take this into account and see the possibilities of digitization as an asset that we want to use in particular for our customers. The presentation of the objects on our website makes it possible to inform you about interesting new acquisitions and to […]

After the standstill during the first phase of the corona pandemic, a transformation process has started which is really amazing. At first the new channels of communication and presentation  completely had to replace the visit to the museum, but with the gradual opening of the museums it became clear once again how important and systemically relevant […]

Drinking bowl, Silver partly-gilt, Brig 1664, Anton Tuffitscher

During the first phase of the Corona crisis, the art and culture world seemed to be standing completely still. At least at first glance. But behind closed doors, creative artists and museums have opened up new channels of communication and presentation. The new digital offers from museums and artists have been very well received in the past […]

With this article, we would like to throw our special focus onto the European drinking culture and go through some interesting facts and types of historical drinking vessels made of silver.

Cleaning Silver plate

The shimmer of the antique silver makes up the charm of an object. We give you here some advice on how to clean antique silver, like antique plates.

Still life, the art of representing inanimate objects and artefacts, inspire us time and again, to initiate a dialogue between our historical silver, painting and old masters.

Antique silver has been established over the years as a secure investment. The desire to possess and live with silver objects is also ours and for this, we would like to share our experience and perspective. More than that, we strive to be your experienced and professional expert who can guide you through the wonderful and very enriching world of historical silver.